Nitrox Sticker Part Deux

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I went on a night dive right after I finished the previous post. I was excited because I would be able to double check my work and get an idea what a geared up scuba tank would look like with my custom nitrox sticker. My original idea was that the sticker would be 6 inches […]

Nitrox Sticker Idea

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There has been a bit a drama in my local dive community. It appears as though someone at DEMA in Las Vegas actually read the rules and came to the conclusion that scuba tanks that have enriched air, or nitrox, be labeled with a sticker stating that fact. From my understanding, this rule goes in […]

First Useful GitHub Repo

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I have been working on learning some different areas of tech. It is kind of a pairing with my study of the AWS environment. I have been seeing more and more development in the programming area in the areas that interest me. I don’t have much interest in sitting in front of a keyboard and […]