Book Review – Intro

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I’ve decided to start writing about the books I have experienced. It is my hope that when talk about a book to a friend I can refer them to this place so they can get a little more info about the book I am talking about. I also hope that since I have to write a ‘book report’ may pay a little more attention.

You may have noticed that I said experienced and not read. This is intentional because most of the books I go through from cover to cover would happen to be audio books. (Does that mean I should say ‘earbud to earbud?’) I feel that I need to put that disclaimer in because there is part of me who feels that listening to a book is ‘cheating.’ But not enough to stop doing it.

I do still read though, I mean people will text me and such. It seems that reading via eye is reserved for a time and place when either the book is not available audibly or it doesn’t lend well to listening, such as looking for something specific or technical.

While on the topic of listening to books, I do need to mention the advantages and disadvantages of it. I have been a member of for 12 or more years. For most of that time I have subscribed to their service that gives you 1 or 2 credits a month. That brings down the cost of a book to around $12. Plus you get this dribbling credits every once in a while that keeps you listening to books. I use an iPod with headphones while I am cleaning my house and I Bluetooth it to my car stereo while driving. Granted, I do not get the immersion of sitting down and reading a book, but I do get something.

I liken it to some of the conversations I have as a scuba diver. I dive in the Puget Sound area. A place that is known for its cooler waters and sometimes sketchy visibility. Some people will ask me why I dive here. They would much rather dive in the Caribbean or the South Pacific. Well, so would I. But that is not the choices. It is not a choice between diving on Alki or the Grand Cayman, it is a choice between diving Alki and not diving. I would rather dive. It’s the same for me with books. I would rather listen to a book than a ‘Zoo Crew’ radio show making fart jokes.

So one of the major advantages is that you can spend some of your time more productively. Which I can say with authority will allow you to get through many more books than you otherwise would. A disadvantage is while driving I will sometimes miss certain aspects of the material I am listening to. The book is a much lower priority to driving. This isn’t that big of a deal to me as I mostly listen to non-fiction, but I can see how that might mess up a fiction book. I’ll listen to fiction in a much less busy environment.

I am also more of a visual person. I cannot remember a person’s name until I see their name a face together. My brain then takes a picture of it and I have a much better chance of remembering. So for me, that means I don’t get as much from an audiobook as a written book. I estimate I keep maybe around 10% or so of what I listen to. But, that is 10% more than I had before I listened to it.

All and all, I really enjoy listening to audiobooks and I recommend them. But going forward, I will mostly use the terms that relate to dead tree books. Just to keep things a little simpler.