First Pi Zero W bought

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I was finally able to pick up a Raspberry Pi Zero W a little while ago. They have been in and out of stock ever since they have been released. But what can you expect when you are talking about a 1Ghz micro-computer with 512MB of memory, 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.1 for ten bucks? They have always been available at a much higher price, but I was willing to wait.

I also picked up some accessories: a 90 degree header, an HDMI adapter, a USB adapter, and a Cobbler Plus from This Pi W will be used as a test mule for working on code and wiring. My first project will be to make a weather monitoring station. I need to work out both the wiring and the python code. I did some looking around and it looks like most of the heavy lifting has already been done by people smarter than me.

I am still pretty new working with the Pis, so I choose to stick with the standard raspbian install. I made sure SSH was working and I set it up to automagically login using an RSA key and I then set it to systemd target runlevel 3. In English, that means I configured it so I can log in remotely without needing a password and then I turned off the GUI, or desktop.

I did the above because I do not want to have to connect it to a keyboard and monitor. I will be able to access and configure it remotely. This will come in handy once I set it up outside to brave the cold and the heat. Since I will never login locally, I don’t need a desktop. Why waste CPU cycles for something I’ll never use?

It is up and running right now, but it isn’t doing anything. There aren’t even any cool blinky lights. The green power light just stays on steady, mocking me. I have soldered header pins on the sensor I’ll be using, so now I need to conjure up some code and configure some wiring. Stay tuned…


Accessories bought:

Mini HDMI Plug to Standard HDMI Jack Adapter

USB OTG Host Cable – MicroB OTG male to A female

Assembled Pi Cobbler Plus – Breakout Cable