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Posted by on Aug 6, 2017 in Tech | No Comments has been one of my favorite go-to spots online for online learning. They have been around since the Stone Age, being created in 1995. In the beginning they had useful courses such as “How to keep your Packard Bell steam boiler from overheating and corrupting your floppy drive.”

Since then, they have expanded greatly to include courses on the Microsoft Office suite, Adobe Creative Cloud, Python, WordPress, and photography among others. Now if they could just find me a 26 hour day.

I have been a paying member for some time, but I felt it was time to look into rumor that there was a cheaper alternative. I was delighted to discover the Seattle Public Library offers a membership to to all card holders. Interested? Keep reading to discover how.


How to gain access.

  1. You are going to need a Seattle Public Library Card.
    1. This requires that you either live in certain areas
    2. If you don’t live in the area, you still have 2 options
      1. Get a three-month visitor card
        • Cost of $25 for 3 months
      2. A one year nonresident
        • Cost of $85/year
  2. Your library card account will consist of a card number and a PIN. You will need both to access Lynda.
    1. How to access
      1. From your computer
      2. From mobile device
        • Download app
        • Click ‘Already a member?’
        • Click on ‘Organization’
          • Scroll down to ‘Web portal’
          • Input ‘’
          • Press ‘Log In’
          • Input card number and PIN

3. Get smarter


One more delightful surprise is that this access includes the ability to download the practice files for courses that have them. This is a big deal.