Nitrox Sticker Idea

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There has been a bit a drama in my local dive community. It appears as though someone at DEMA in Las Vegas actually read the rules and came to the conclusion that scuba tanks that have enriched air, or nitrox, be labeled with a sticker stating that fact. From my understanding, this rule goes in and out of favor over time. Local dive shops will require a sticker for an enriched fill for a couple of years and gradually over time they slack off and will fill a tank with whatever as long as it was cleaned to the required level.

When I started in scuba, I was deep in a sticker phase. Before I actually bought my tanks, I found some tank wraps that made your tanks look like cylindrical candies, such as a roll of life savers!

I was so excited to pick me up some once I bought my tanks. I had already picked out the lifesavers and the enerdiver skins. I never did end up buying them, but I did enjoy decorating my tanks. I would put a few well-chosen stickers to show the world just how cool I was. Nothing too big, or gaudy. Just a few strategically placed stickers.

Over time I grew out of the desire to tart up my tanks. The stickers were usually removed for the tank’s annual inspection and they would leave marks showing where they were. For whatever reason those marks would move relative to the tank valve. For instance, if I put a sticker directly below the tank valve exit port; when the tank came back from an inspection the sticker residue would be at 2 o’clock or 10 ‘o clock relative to the tank exit port. So vanity and maturity conspired together to push me out of this phase.

Over time, I didn’t put on the nitrox label on my tanks. I would get them cleaned for 40% oxygen and the VIP sticker would show that. Depending on the dives I was doing I would usually use either air or EAN32. If I filled my tank with nitrox I would check the mix and put a piece of tape with the O2% and the MOD.

That was cool for some time, that is until someone read the rules and (mis)interpreted them. I am not saying what the law says or if it is right or wrong. I just can see the writing on the wall telling me that if I want nitrox in my tanks from a certain dive shop. I need a nitrox sticker.

I figured they get to tell me I need a sticker, so I get to determine what that sticker looks like. I played around in Illustrator and came up with this:

I’ll talk to a printing company in a couple of days and see how feasible this idea is. Stay tuned, I’ll keep you posted.


The ‘scuba diver life saver’ wrap was/is available at