Pi Zero Weather Station

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Ok, this is what has happened so far. I realized that I had soldered the 90 degree pins in backward. They worked, but the labeling on the connector to the breadboard would be wrong. I’m sure that little thing would slowly drive me insane, so I elected to fix it. I had a heck of a time desoldering it and I messed up the Pi board. Honestly, I didn’t want to spend a whole lot of time trying to save a $10 board, so I did what I could.

I ordered another Pi Zero (currently at three functional) and I got my soldering right this time. I then wired a BME280 from Adafruit, and learned a little I2C circuitry communication. I was able to get the two parts to talk to each other (yay) move on to the programming. I have a little python script that polls the sensor once a minute. It then sends the data to text file for storage and a couple of html files. One of the html files will be used to collect the data for some number crunching, display, and analysis. The other html file will be purtyed up and made fit for human consumption.

Right now, this is what the data looks like:

2017-07-10 08:29:31 23.1 1008.4 59.1

That’s date, 24 hour time, degrees in Celsius, pressure in kilopascals (just found out that is wrong, I need to change an order of magnitude), and percentage of humidity. Not very pretty to look at, but easy to store and process.

The long wire in the pictures is a cat5e cable that sacrificed its life for the cause. It’s about 25 feet long and I was pleasantly surprised that the voltage and data was able to travel that far. I’m going to run it on my desk for a couple of days just to make sure everything keeps working. The next step is installing it outside and powered up. After that I need to figure out how to read the data from the website and process the data.