I’ve wanted something like this for a long time. What is this you ask? Well, I have been using the term ‘Life Dashboard’ for a while to describe it. Basically it is a tool or a collection of tools I would use to view and manage the aspects of my life that I am able to with that particular set of tools.

I’ll explain it better and more in depth with some upcoming blog posts. But a piece of software that I stumbled upon a little while ago should make it easier for me to explain. The item in question is an open source collection of software called ‘Home Assistant.’ This software runs on a computer and monitors a number of different things.

For Instance, some of the stuff I set up was weather monitors, SSL certificate monitoring, internet download speed, and haveibeenpwned.com password monitoring. The weather is self-explanatory, the others are important, but things I don’t think about very often. For instance, I have an SSL certificate for this very website through letsencrypt.com and it only lasts for 90 days. I do have a cronjob that attempts to renew on a regular basis, but I would like to know if it doesn’t happen. Using the dashboard analogy, I’ll get a check engine type light if something is amiss. I will get similar alerts, good and bad, as different events occur. It also has logging, so it will automagically store the weather info I am collecting as well as my internet download speed. Finally some data to keep an eye on trends.

It also has the ability to control some music devices and some home automation and that will come in handy. It also has some plugins for Amazon Web Services such as SNS and SQS. I can use those to alert me about certain conditions when I am not at home.

Hopefully that brief overview makes it a little clearer for you. It should come more into focus as I add more functionally to it.