Three AWS tests, complete

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A couple of days ago, I completed the third of three AWS associate tests. So I figured this would be a great opportunity to dust off the ole’ website keyboard and put some words on this Spartan site. My original plan was to milk this out and to make a post for each test passed, but I got a little carried away in my zeal to get the tests completed and I never wrote those posts.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate’ was the first test I studied for and took. I had been out of the IT certification game for a while. The last certification I held was the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) for NT 4.0. For all the kids out there, NT 4.0 hails from the days when a 200Mhz CPU was fast and your computer case was some sort of beige color. LED mice and a Wi-Fi connection were unheard of features from the distant future.

I took the test after what I thought was enough studying and researching. I was confident during the test even though there were a few test topics I knew nothing about. I clicked on the “Finish Exam” button. And… Bam! Failed! I got a 61% when I needed to get something closer to 70%. Despite the not passing, I took the experience as a win. You see, when I was studying for the MSCE, I took a lot longer than I should of. It was sooo easy to say, “I’m not quite ready, I’ll study for another week.”

When I looked back, I felt I should have pushed harder and tested sooner. Each test was $100 and I was making around $13 an hour at the time. So I was very nervous about failing. To my credit, I passed all six tests on the first try, but it took me about a year. I should have shot for something closer to a 50% pass rate. It would have cost more, but I figure I would have finished in half the time.

Driving to the testing location, I was telling myself it didn’t matter if a passed or not. Not passing would get me past the concern of ‘wasting’ my money and I would have a better understanding of what was on the test. On the same screen as my score was a statement that told me I could not take this test again for 14 days. I didn’t know that little fact until then, but I decided to stick with my original plan.

As soon as I got home I started studying for the second test, ‘AWS Certified Developer – Associate.’ A lot of the material was the same so it didn’t take too long to get through it. I took and passed it about a week later. I was on a roll so I started on the third test, ‘AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate.’ I took and passed this test exactly 14 days after I took and failed the first test. I hit the first test hard again and I was able to pass that just shy of a week after passing the second test. I would have been finished sooner, but they do not allow test taking on Fridays.

Now that all that is behind me, I look forward to learning more of the ins and outs of the AWS environment. I feel that this environment will allow me to learn more about programing now that I have a place to create and utilize what I put together. Stay Tuned.